Easy Green Sprouter Review

Easy Green Sprouter Review…

Is this the best sprouter?




The Sprouter

The Easy Green Sprouter, also known as the Easy Green Large Volume Automatic Sprouter, is one of the most simple yet high-yield sprouters available for use at home.  With 5 cartridges and the simplicity of just putting your seeds in and adding water, you can watch as your sprouting is virtually automated.  The Easy Green sprouter has an automatic timer that releases a mist that keeps your sprouts moist and fresh and helps to circulate air over your seeds, sprouts or grasses – keeping them cool and oxygen-saturated.


The Materials

The Easy Green Sprouter is made from extremely durable plastics that not only help to preserve and protect your sprouts but help to make cleaning the unit as easy as possible.

The Cartridges/Yield

And with 5 cartridges, you can have a constant supply of fresh sprouts and grasses all week long: just load a new cartridge each day with seeds and by the fifth day you’ll have ready to eat sprouts and more constantly on the way. However, before purchasing you should keep in mind that each unit will need access to a plug in order for the mister and timer to work.  This is an important consideration because the unit does take up some counter space.

  • Easy Cleanup
  • 5 Cartridges for Growing/Storing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Auto Mister
  • 5 Year Warranty


The Easy Green Sprouter is designed for maximum efficiency and durability.  But why not find out for yourself? – If you don’t like it for whatever reason you can simply return the item; no questions asked.  But with all of the benefits that it will bring to your household, this isn’t a likely concern.  This is a perfect solution to people wanting to grow a variety of sprouts/wheatgrass with little effort.

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