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Montel Williams Healthmaster…


Is this the Best Blender?




-The Blender

While some might think that the incredibly powerful Motel Williams Health Master Blender is relatively new on the market, it’s actually a product that has been around for years.  Montel started endorsing the blender when he realized that blending fresh juices, smoothies, soups and more greatly reduced symptoms from his case of Multiple Sclerosis.  However, before this the Health Master blender was endorsed and sold by Jack Lalane- one of the most well-known names in high quality kitchen appliances.  It’s no wonder both these stars recommend the Montel Williams Health Master when you consider the amazing combination of power and utility of this blender.



-The Motor

Many people have seen commercials for the Montel Williams Health Master showing the appliance being used to pulverize bits of concrete and even granite.  But while many think this must be purely for advertising purposes, the Health Master is actually able to accomplish this task.  This is because the machine is extremely powerful and features a 1.75 horsepower motor that pushes the commercial-grade stainless steel blades of the blender to speeds in excess of 3,000 RPM.  You can upgrade to an even more powerful 2 HP motor, but most people find that the standard motor more than meets their needs.


-The Design

Operating at 1100 watts and with 8 speed settings, the Living Well Health Master can be used for virtually any task- from whipping up extremely rich and emulsified smoothies, or for pulverizing and crushing ice, meat and bones.  In fact, this machine spins so quickly and powerfully that it creates a centrifugal force capable of actually cooking foods via friction.  This can be used to do incredible things never before thought possible, such as blend soup ingredients while you’re actually cooking the soup!  The Healthmaster comes with both wet and dry blades, so there’s no limit to what you can do.

-The Dislikes

The Montel Williams Health Master is powerful but loud, as expected with any high-power blender.  But with the digitally controlled interface you can simply set the desired speed and time and move on to something else.  And because the Healthmaster is so powerful you’ll only need to use it in short bursts.  It has also been said that the stainless steel blades can rust when put in the dishwasher (even though they advertise it is dishwasher safe.) However, despite the raw power of the machine, many Healthmaster reviews indicate that appliance is not a good juicer, unlike what is advertised.  Instead the machine is capable of emulsifying ingredients, but juices end up somewhat pulpy and slushy.  If you’re looking for a true juicer, this machine is not recommended.


-The Features


  • The Health Master blender comes with an unbelievable 100 year warranty on the motor and offers the following other features and benefits:
  • Huge 70 ounce high density polycarbonate pitcher that is resistant to scratches and shattering
  • Commercial grade wet and dry blades to handle all blending, grating, chopping, shredding and other kitchen tasks
  • Easy to clean- parts can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher (excluding the base; use damp cloth only)
  • Comes with 4 recipe books for green smoothies, soups, sauces, ice cream and a lot more


-The Conclusion

With a warranty that spans an entire century and all of these powerful and practical features, it’s pretty easy to see why the Montel Williams Health Master blender is so popular.  And because there is a 60 day return policy on this machine, you can buy one right now risk-free: if you don’t like it just return it for a full refund.


  1. vida campbell says

    The health master is a”dud”,what a waste of money.In less than a year the motor gave out,& dont let me tell you how many times i used the reset button.The motor will be replaced,but you have to pay to ship to them, along with a check for$29.99 for to ship it back to you(overpriced). The next time it breaks down ,i know it will,it,s going in the garbage where it belongs. Too much trouble to lock & unlock.Buy a vitamix or a cusinart juicer.

  2. Paul Russell says

    There are hundreds of bad reviews on the Healthmaster breaking down within a range of just days to 6 months. 162 one star reviews out of 246 total on one amazon page. Google it, there are more bad reviews beside Amazon. Most of these reviews state horrible customer service in dealing with these issues. Despite claims of “a warranty that spans an entire century” or the 30 or 60 day return policy depending on where you purchase the device, people say they are not honoring the warranty. One of the most influential factors that people look at when considering the Healthmaster are the low price as compared to other emulsifying blenders and warranty. Initial low price is just a throw away if you are stuck with something that is not working in 6 months.

    • says

      As I have said before I totally agree and think that it should be taken off the market. If you read through the review you will see that I gave it an honest look. I don’t think it belongs on the best list. It can blend up stuff like the Vitamix and Blendtec blender however it is not in the same league as far as quality and longevity. I think they wanted to compete with the big boys but didn’t want to take the time and money to put quality parts and the appropriate amount of technology into the unit.

      Thanks for your opinion.

  3. Jennifer says

    HUGE waste of money. My motor gave out but only after the pitcher leaked oil. It’s incredibly loud and the top is really hard to attach to the pitcher. Mine also was really hard to clean. it seemed no matter how much I scrubbed the inside, it always had food on it. I’d steer clear of this blender.

    • says

      Thanks for the reply. I have found the same that this blender is a hunk o’ junk as well. Can it blend up a bunch of stuff and do a good job? I have kept this blender on the list so that people can read through the review and decide for themselves.

  4. Dan says

    Junk!! Junk!! Junk!! They must have had a really cheap contract with a company in China to make this pile of Junk. The gear for the blender blade that sits into base is stripped and the thing just spins spins and spins some more doesnt blend water!!!!! Junk Junk Junk and worst of all is customer service. They dont give a crap. Give me Montels home phone, I would be embarresed to put my name on a product like this piece of Junk. Did I mention it was JUNK!

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